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Just like Sunday paper ads,Friday free-ads, Gumtree, vivastreet, craigslist, loot and preloved.

You can advertise things for sale or search things to buy with our classified free ads

Free Local Dating in Great Britain using Country, County and Town place and search for classified ads uk

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We want to make this one of the best online selling sites in the UK

Classified Free Ads Covering The United Kingdom (UK) including England, Scotland Northern Ireland and Wales

This is the website you have been looking for. Alternative to the Craigslist robots, website sign ups and scams. No ‘Ebay’ type fees for selling anything.

All reply messages are sent using SSL and therefore kept secure. If you are advertising, your email address is not visible to the person viewing.

It is only known to anyone if you decide to reply back to them. We feel this is a better option, as advertisers need to use a real address and any replies you receive,

you can also see the address of the person replying. For now we feel this is the best option for us and hopefully will cut down bots and foreign scams.

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