Getting the Most from your Free Ads

Get the most from your Ad at

On the Internet, many things happen in the Background with Search engines.
They pretty much decide how good a page is, what traffic to send, if it is worth having in the index etc.

A few things you can do to help your Ad are:

Relevant, Concise and have a few words that people may search for (that are relevant to the ad content)
Make the Title around 6 to 8 words long, Relevant, Concise and have a few words or a phrase that people may search for.
Make proper sentences, with phrases that are similar or have the same meaning as the most relevant in the title and elaborate more on the detail of what your ad is about.
Put as much as possible into the Ad main content.

LOCATION – Why UK might not be your best choice

Because of the way our site works, Putting UK as your location might not be your best choice.
If you choose UK as your location, only people who look at UK ads through location will see you Ad.
So let’s say you place an Ad in England.
You would appear under UK & England searches (for location)
If you were to place an Ad in Islington (Greater London)
Your Ad would be found under Islington, Greater London, England and UK searches.
So a better way to make sure you get seen is to put as close an area to where your Ad is relevant to receive more views.
Note: This does not Effect if people search for words and phrases within your Ad or go to Categories

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