Paws and Hooves Animal Therapy

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Paws and Hooves Animal Therapy in Kent & Essex

Canine Merishia massage can help improve a dogs mobility, as soreness and muscle spasm can lead to restricted movements within the body. Full patient assessment will be carried out prior to establishing the best treatment.

A vets consent must be obtained. The Prices vary depending on your pets treatment.

‘with a focus on deep tissue mobilisation techniques; releasing tension in the muscles and other soft tissues and enhancing movement of the joints.

The Merishia techniques can be used to aid sports performance, support rehabilitation, and improve general well being. Massage is also a wonderful way to achieve relaxation and reduce the risk of injury’. (Rose-Therapies,2017).

Complementary therapies for their pet that a majority of insurance policies will pay for your animals treatments

‘In’s August 2015 study, of the 299 policies that did offer alternative medical treatment for cats and dogs it was found that:

96% covered the cost of acupuncture
90% covered homeopathy
96% covered herbal medicine
100% covered physiotherapy
97% covered hydrotherapy
93% covered osteopathy
98% covered chiropractic’

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Owner Carla is in 3rd year Bsc Honours Animal Therapy (canine and equine) student at Writtle Univeristy in Essex. Student member of Jo Rose’s Merishia Massage Association for dogs. Therapies Covering Essex & Kent